A PRC student has become the object of shame for her country after pictures of her face were splashed all over PRC media over the weekend.

18 year-old PRC student Wu Xinyi had been caught openly having sex in public with her 19 year-old boyfriend Yang Hao at Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong, in April this year. They committed the act on a busy street outside her university hall at Hong Kong Polytechnic Univeristy.

A viral video showed the couple engaging in heavy kissing and petting at first, before Yang was spotted removing the girl’s pants and penetrating her. A security guard who witnessed the act tried to stop the couple but was ignored. The guard called the police, who arrived some time later after the couple had finished the deed..

However, as the policeman had arrived after the action, he could not make an immediate arrest.

After the video was circulated online, Hong Kong police obtained the evidence they needed to conduct an arrest. Yang was arrested a day after the video went viral. When Wu returned from her vacation overseas, she saw the video on social media and decided to turn herself over to the police.

On Thursday last week, both students had originally pleaded no guilty to outraging public decency. But Wu reversed her decision 2 hours later when she admitted to the offence.

Pleading for leniency, Wu’s lawyer says that she previously had no criminal record and was only in her first year at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where she is studying Global Supply Chain Management. Her lawyer voiced concerns that she may have to stop her studies.

Yang is now on bail and his trial will take place on 13th August.

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