My home fibre broadband got disconnected last Friday for no apparent reason and has been down since. This is the 3rd time i have had a prolonged disconnection under M1 since i switched to them from Singtel (big fking mistake) roughly one year ago.

Best part is I didnt have any such issues with Singtel under their ADSL broadband in my 10 over years with them. The last time this happened there was absolutely NO follow up at all and they only agreed to waive my bill after I angry-emailed them. They obviously didnt bother looking into the cause of the problem since, and here I am, using a public library’s wifi typing this out on my small little handphone screen.

Thank god my contract is one year and will be expiring soon.

Its amazing that I am experiencing such a thing in Singapore with a provider that doesn’t seem to care any less. I do wonder if I am in Uganda or something sometimes.

Should I bring this up to IDA?

Zi Zou

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