Dear Mr Giam,

I am writing to you again as I read with great concern, the case surrounding Teenager Amos Yee and his ill treatment at the hands of the State which is giving a wrong image of our developed nation abroad.

As a mother of a severely Autistic child myself, I cannot help but feel the pain Mdm Mary Toh is experiencing right now seeing her son being transferred from one “torture” chamber to another, like how its done in Third World Countries or Islamic States. As a signatory to UN conventions, we have an obligation to adhere to international laws and the arguments of Jason Chua Chin Seng, Sylvia Low Mei Ling, Nigel Kee and adherents of FB page “Fabrications about the PAP” to persist in Amos’s punishment are thus fundamentally flawed! I wish they were locked up at the infamous Blk 7 of IMH in Amos place instead and see if they can still come up with such devious thoughts on treating a special needs child.

Locking up gifted teenagers such as Amos does not help with lowering crime rates but on the contrary, raises more questions on the priority this gone insane government is putting. While Amos is deemed a threat, I read in a blog that another teenager of the same age group who viciously stabbed his peer after losing an arcade game in Bugis, is still out there Scot free as though nothing has occurred. I really cannot comprehend how this can make any sense?

The PM on the other hand whom I believe has Asperger’s Syndrome, should know better and take a firm stand against his advisers and stakeholders on rendering wicked regimen to detractors just to secure their interests. Know ye not that you will reap what you sow and retribution has a sweet way of getting back at one’s evil doings.

That aside, I think the WP which we put in parliament has to be the ever present voice of conscience and speak up on such atrocities. I do not know about the rest of the country but what I do know is that the government certainly does not have Aljunied’s mandate to carry out Amos’s torment and I urge you to bring this issue to the table for close scrutiny. I would also like to urge fellow Singaporeans of East Coast, Marine Parade, Moulmein – Kallang, Tampines and Pasir Ris – Punggol to join in our fight for a more Just and Equal Society by resoundingly rejecting the parliamentary candidates put up by the government at the next polls due soon.

We cannot tolerate this kind of thing happening in a First World Country and cannot claim exclusivity for our autocratic system as well. Either we are or we are not a democratic country, Amos and his mother desperately needs help from St Andrew’s Autism Center and not Changi Prison or IMH!

Yours faithfully,
Ms Chow

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