Want to know the creepiest roads to drive in Singapore? Be careful what you wish for, when you visit these locations, you may get more than you bargained for!

South Buona Vista 99 Turns aka Devils Bend
Infamous for its many turns, the place is not so bad in the day, but becomes creepy and dangerous at night. Many motorists have lost their lives navigating the sharp, narrow bends along that stretch, so rumors have spread that the road itself has its fair share of “guests”.

Jalan Bahar / Old Choa Chu Kang Road
The stretch of road is lined with trees and cemeteries nearby. For the adventurous, a walk through the cemeteries should suffice. There is also a rumor that an old woman spends the night at a certain bus stop just after the Civil Defence Academy. What she does there all night? No one knows.

Old Tampines Road
The road is one long stretch of road with nothing but trees and road. Taking a walk through the barely lit route at night is a dare that not many people have attempted, or survived to tell the tale.

Punggol Road
This is the road which leads to Punggol Jetty also known as Punggol End. The area is well known to be very “dirty” because it used to be an execution ground used by Japaneses soldiers during World War 2. Rumors say that cyclists who attempt to cycle out of the road after 12 midnight are never able to do so. Our advice? Don’t try it if you value your life.

Changi Coast Road
A old woman and her grandson died in that stretch of road after getting knocked down by a speeding vehicle. It’s not unusual, because the stretch of road is long and straight, so many drivers tend to driver faster then the limits. Not only has that, many car accidents happened in this area before…

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