A friend of Azyan Syafina, the girl who was accused of scamming a buyer of a phone in a dispute, has spoken up to explain what happened between her and the buyer, Louis. According to Azyan, she says that Louis turned nasty and started abusing her first.
See her post:
Hi guys,
I bet all of you have read the news about the scamming thing.
For the fact that now I've screenshot everything. And I jollywell know that let my friend be close to me but my enemy closer.
I didn't do such thing. If you say im scamming you I dont even give my account number to you. So how can you transfer me the money? Make sense enough?
U told me that you are already downstairs? I was there about half an hour waiting for you.
But you kept barking and dont show up. I even sent you the picture where I am, And it was at night when the sky is DARK tho, But at last you sent me the picture when the sky is bright?
What are you trying to do?
About teck whye thingy, I don't even bring the issue but you started it first.
Guys, all of you can read.
Cheemok Lovee

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