Make my day to be served by a all-Singaporean crew at Macdonald Punggol this morning.

The fierce line of people waiting for their turn didn’t diminish my joy.

The Singlish spoken everywhere when they were serving the customers was wonderful and it is like music to my ears.

As Singapore grapples with a 1.8 million foreign contingent living in our midst, let us rejoice in everything Singaporean!

We heard of Singaporeans being minority workers in their workplace and how foreigners form enclaves forcing out many of us in the process.

Many also work under foreign managers who will side with their own kind when there is a workplace dispute.

I am sure that the foreign influx will be a hot election topic in the coming GE.

It looks like economic genocide as PAP opens the floodgates for all kinds of work positions forcing many locals to emigrate or find work in much lower opportunities.

Governments have fell in Europe recently because of this contentious issue…do we dare to vote them out?!

Singapore for Singaporeans!

Gilbert Goh

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