At least 472 people, with about 100 of them injured seriously, were sent to hospital yesterday after flammable powder ignited and caused a huge explosion in mid-air at a water theme park in Taiwan.

At about 8.30PM, the flammable powder was sprayed into the air as part of a show at Formosa Fun Coast, but for unknown reasons caught fire and exploded.

News media reported that “the fire was quickly brought under control,” but hundreds of party goers had by then suffered horrendous burns.

Video showed a massive fireball suddenly engulfing the stage, followed by screaming people running for their lives through flames.

Some people used large, inflated inner tubes as stretchers to carry out the injured, CNA reported.

Formosa Fun Coast says that the explosion occurred during the “Color Play Asia” party, which was organized by an events management company which leased out the space at the park.

“We are very regretful (for) this accident that caused injuries to many victims,” Formosa Fun Coast said in a statement. “The most urgent matter currently for us is to handle and assist with … victims on the scene and work comprehensively with the New Taipei Fire Department.”

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