I was a former Cisco Auxiliary Police Officer for 22years, from 1987-2010. In early years, salary was $400, without allowance. 3years after that, salary increased $800 n last HIGH salary was at $1700. Throw in ot n allowances, $600. This last a few good years. I worked ot b4 or after my normal shift, making sure I had sufficient rest.

Bonuses were good, 3-3 1/2 months. Then came Human Resource! They wrecked everything. Cut ot, after 2year bond terminate, cut salaries all round. Cut annual leave. I worked my way up to earn a good salary n earned those extra days of leave. From 21days to 14. Salary from $1700 down to $1349! Work Monday to Sunday, most times 12hrs. Some 14hrs, some 21hrs!

Believe me, most would rather go home n sleep n spend time with family.

A dear friend of mine got promoted before end of her contract. U know what they offered her for her promotion? $1 rank pay! What n insult!

I m Eurasian. Most of e guys in Cisco, r Singapore Malays, with Chinese, local Indians n Eurasian. My fellow Malaysian colleagues r Indian n Chinese. All I see is friends, no race or country as we r in same uniform!!!

“Not to mentioned the orang kampong system where u were if were in good terms or related to the supervisor, promotion, Annual leave and easy kind of job were on your plate”

13years for a promotion. Plus I got letter of commendation from late President Wee Kim Wee! Only one to receive such a letter but counts for nothing. Even when then Inspector selected me for promotion, HE refused! Man fought for me n I got it. Fucking unblemished service record n so much experience after 13years n still refused!

Darrin Francis
A.S.S. Reader

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