Oh yeah! Front page – right there, smacked right at the middle of the page, text and photo of two localised foreigners complete with assault rifles in hands, with the article caption that screams, ‘Volunteers end basic training’.

Looks like the mad and mindless attempt at integration is pushing Singaporeans to new lows. If anyone has missed it, let me reveal the threat that this is bringing to Singapore and Singaporeans.

The article is about foreigners; which according to it included women, first generation permanent residents and new citizens. In short (except for the women group) the foreigners whom Singaporeans have been saying should serve NS complete with all conscription liabilities, should we allow them to stay here as Singaporeans, are being put through basic training (it didn’t say Military training) to try and convince Singaporeans and to silenced dissenters.

Unfortunately and fattest of all fat hope, they are only ‘encouraged’ to VOLUNTEER themselves – which is the key point of this note.

It is common sense that when one volunteers his service he can expect to play but a minor or bit role. They major roles are normally reserved for the more experienced folks to handle and be responsible for. No one would leave the key posts of a bank or a military installation to a bunch of newbies and volunteers.

However, the fate of Singaporeans now lies in the hand of these newbies and volunteers because they are assigned “to one of 17 vocations …. to pick up rifles and patrol KEY installations like Changi Airport’.

Need we say more. With the spate of fake degree foreign talents slipping through, the security breaches at our entry points, the threats of terrorism, the pillar of our security system is already so tattered. Yet, we are placing our lives in the hands of people who are trying to integrate – foreigners who step forward to volunteer to help protect our land. You think?

A thousand and one questions tickle the brain cells and all alarm blinkers get instantly activated. Is no one asking relevant questions anymore? How safe are we when anyone who falls under the said groups can volunteer? Who screens them? What are the screening criteria? Why assign them to ‘key installations’?

How easy for terror groups to infiltrate us. How much easier we are making it for them. With no one at the top made responsible for Mas Selamat’s escape, and the current security breaches going the same way, I fear that Singaporeans are in for a tragic ride – and Minister Teo Chee Hean will get away scot free as well. What’s then left for us, poor unthinking Singaporeans. I’m trembling, aren’t you?

What’s more is that since the news is reported in the front page of the States Paper, someone’s appraisal and bonus is riding on the success of the scheme. Knowing how Singapore works, success will be measured in numbers.

You can expect that the grassroots would be roped in to scour for more volunteers. And here lies the biggest danger. Numbers is all they want. Success of the scheme supersedes the safety of the people. That’s how things are in Singapore. We are doomed if PM Lee cannot see this threat.

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