My prison mates constantly complain about the food they have in prison:

The tea’s fucking diluted, we only have 1 fruit a day (Either a banana, an orange or an apple). There are only 4 slices of bread for breakfast (Actually that’s usually enough for me, but my fellas here are really heavy eaters).

Not to mention, the trays of food are always served to us stained and covered with our food’s gravy, and we’d always to clean the sides of our trays with towels before eating.
The company that provides our food is named ‘Score’ and the section of the company that specifically deals with bread is called ‘Score bakery’.

So that means that somebody actually had the ambition and said, ‘I want to devote my life to a company that serves mediocre food to prisoners’.

My gosh, you gotta get a better job dude, though maybe you decided to do this because the pay is high eh?

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