I think Singaporeans today are just damn spoilt. In my grandparents’ time, people are just happy to have a 3-room HDB flat with running water and proper sewage disposal.

Look at Singaporeans now. With just a bit of defects, must call MP, must write to social media, take videos and put on YouTube, cow-peh-cow-bu. Please la, Govt doesn’t owe you a living!

Didn’t Sim Lian already acknowledge that they will rectify the faults? From the way I see it, they have! Just that Singaporeans these days are so troublesome, they will complain even with the slightest mistakes. When you complain, think of the past. In those days, my grandfather was so grateful to the Govt for HDB flat with running water. He was telling me last time that they have to walk a long path just to fetch water from a well. And the water is dirty.

You people just don’t appreciate every bit of what the Govt has done for you and cow-peh-cow-bu on every single silly thing. So what if the paint in the wall is a bit uneven? Does that hurt you so much that you can’t sleep at night?

Look at last time. My grandmother told me that her whole family of 7 had to squeeze into 1 room. Her parents slept on the bed while her siblings including herself slept on the floor. And there were bugs and cockroaches crawling around!

When you guys complain, think about the past. Think how our Govt has done many good things to bring us to where we are today.

You young fellas are just a bunch of ungrateful ingrates, cow-peh-cow-bu over minor finishing when you actually have a nice house that your grandparents didn’t have the chance to have!

M Loh

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