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I worked as a guard but quit recently due to many reasons. I hope something can be done for guards in singapore We are so stressed and abused at work that we have to leave our jobs. Below I will list why guard company are always short of manpower. Below is the list.

The true reason why most security companies are always short of manpower.

Most Security guards overwork. A normal human that works 12 hours a day 6 days a week for only $1800.00 is ridiculous.It is like a paid slavery or a machine.

Supervisors and Boss who act like they are the masters and guards are the slave. They often shout vulgar words at Guards when they are bad mood. Sometimes for no reason too.

3.Leave and off days
Off days being cancelled.
Worked for 6 days 12 hours and yet being asked to work for few more days without off days.

4.Sick leave
If you are sick you have to use your off days to cover your medical cert or pay will be deducted.

5.Tough Job
Too many rules and no one really cares about guard welfare
Residents complain about guard
Management complains.

6.Lack of time
Unable to spend time with family unable to have fun. All we can do is sleep during our off days because we are too tired.

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