This Facebook post by local hero Collin Seow was shared by a reader, who wanted us to publicize their good deed. Good job, guys!

Picture above: Singapore heroes Collin Seow, Jonathan Vendi, Jayson Yap and Joe Lee!

As we having BBQ dinner,we heard a loud scream from a woman. She was from Korea togther with a group of ladies having dinner at the next pavilion.

All four of us ran over to see what happened. A little girl age about 5 was on the pool deck motionless. Her mum was screaming, she was drowned.

Jayson and Joe immediately when over to do CPR, there was no pulse or breathing already. Jonathan called the ambulance and I spoke to them over the phone. I had this deep fear that we may lose her. The mum was just screaming and was losing it.

Good thing, the little girl vomitted some water and rice out and started breathing. The ambulance come about 12 mins time and brought her to A&E.

According to paramedic, she should be fine. For me , I am just glad, we were there at the time. We save a life today.

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