People, beware of this woman called Helmy Tan (IC no: S 867*****, Phone: 9****798). She has scammed countless landlords & foreign students in rent money. She, together with her mother Inawaty Tan (G001*****), ran an illegal boarding house for foreign students and conned me of $14,800 in rent & over $10,000 in Property Damages & Legal fees.

In mid 2013, a few months after renting my condo, Helmy Tan stopped paying rent, and when asked she would say that she was having problems with her business and pleaded for an extension of time to pay. Initially, being a good Samaritan, I pitied her and allowed her some extension. However, as her debt kept growing and she began avoiding my calls, I was forced to turn to my legal counsel and served her several eviction notices.

Helmy Tan completely ignored the eviction notices, so I confronted her in the condo on 22 July 2014. She was nowhere to be found; instead, a group of foreign students were at the condo. They told me Helmy and Inawaty did not live in the condo and had been renting out the rooms in the condo to the students. Some students were furious at Helmy as they had recently been evicted by Helmy’s previous landlord as she failed to pay the rent. When I asked them why they still stayed with Helmy, they told me that Helmy required them to pay 3 months rent in advance plus security deposit; and the students who left her never got their money back.

I decided to file a police report and informed her that I will call for the police to arrest her if she still refused to see me. On 24 July 2014, We finally met and came to an agreement. Helmy Tan & Inawaty Tan made partial payment to their debts & signed an agreement to pay the remaining debts, damages and legal fees and vacated the condo.

After Helmy & Inawaty left, they only made 3 payments of $500 each and stopped. They ignored my calls and tried to hide themselves. I do not want other people to fall victim to these heartless Swindlers.

Mr Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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