23 Singapore Civil Defence Force officers who had damaged property in their dormitory at the Civil Defence Academy are facing disciplinary action after one of the officers uploaded 2 videos of their misdeeds online late in April. The clips spread quickly through social media, which prompted the SCDF to launch investigations into the officers’ misbehavior.

The SCDF told the media today that 9 regular and 14 National Service Full-time (NSF) officers had been involved in the incident on 24th April this year.

The 9 regulars will be liable for punishments ranging from letters of warning to dismissal, while the NSFs will be cahrged with fines, detention or demotion, depending on their level of involvement.

In addition to the 23 officers who face disciplinary action, five other SCDF regular officers with supervisory roles face letters of warning or advice, the SCDF said.

One of the videos, which was uploaded onto Facebook by a user named Han Din on April 27, showed the group in a messy room with toppled bedframes and cupboards.

Cupboards, bedframes, mattresses and other items were also strewn at a corner of the room. One SCDF personnel could be seen pouring liquid from a packet onto the floor, before flinging the packet onto the mess.

Shortly after, another officer, dressed in a black T-shirt and brown shorts, picked up an ironing board and flung it onto the floor. Some were smoking in the dormitory, which is an offence.

“It’s the last day, man, look at the dorm. It’s a ruckus, it’s a ruckus – the dorm is in a ruckus, man,” the person filming the dormitory could be heard saying.

See the video here:

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