The Singapore Armed Forces has appointed their first female Brigadier-General (BG), Col. Gan Siow Huang. She was among 7 other Colonels who were given the rank of BG and RADM (One-Star) at the annual SAF promotion ceremony today. She assumes the rank on 1st July.

Col. Gan was among the first four female scholars to receive the SAF merit scholarship in 1993 and is now chief of the Joint Manpower Department. In her capacity, she has been pushing for more women to join the SAF.

Almost 1,500 women hold combat vocations in the SAF, which accounts for less than 10% of the SAF’s regular personnel. Only 60 women joined the army per year.

Although their numbers are few, confidence is rising in women’s abilities to perform as soldiers, Col. Gan says.

When asked if her appointment would make it easier for women to advance in the SAF, she said “Every individual still has to put in their best. (At the end of the day,) it is still which individual is best for the job.”

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