Wow. Happening right now.

More than 700 (and counting) Taiwanese protesting against the Singapore government to release Amos Yee – outside the Singapore Trade office in Taipei. (The Singapore Trade office is the official Singapore Overseas Mission in Taiwan.)

The Taiwanese are protesting for our Singapore child! Will you do it too, Singaporeans?


Organised by these advocacy groups in Taiwan (Translated via Google Translate, pardon mistakes in translation):

Sun Union Taiwan Labor Front Secretary-General Speakers: Qiu Yi Ling, Taiwan Human Rights Association Secretary-General Wu Yi Cheng Hsinchu, Mackay Memorial Hospital Psychiatry Branch Director, Taiwan Right’ll Executive Committee

Wu Zheng Zhe, Taiwan Juvenile Rights and Welfare Promotion Alliance Steering

yellow怡碧supervise the implementation of the Convention on Human Rights Alliance Executive Committee, Chen Mei instrument Taiwan parent-child Education Association Executive Secretary

Supported by these advocacy groups in Taiwan:

Alliance for the purposes of the Convention on Human Rights, Taiwan Association for Human Rights, the Taiwan Labor Front, Taiwan International Medical Alliance, Taiwan abolition of the death, Criminal promote alliances, Taiwan Juvenile Rights and Benefits, Promote alliances, environmental law associations, Taiwan, Health Human Rights Action, Taiwan Labor and Social affairs, Policy Research Institute, Taiwan guardian of democracy platform, Civil Judicial Reform Foundation, the Taiwan parent-child Education Association, Taiwan Yong Club, with Taiwan, Chi Hotline Association, the National Union of Teachers total Federation (more groups will be announced at press conference, happening now)

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