I just read some things about the Medishield Life a while ago. In news report, they say that Singaporeans or PRs who live overseas are also required to pay Medishield Life premiums!?

I am overseas now, and probably will be residing there for a long term. I will not likely benefit from whatever this Medishield Life thing because I am overseas and I have my own private insurance to cover.

Yet I am being forced to make payment for insurance that will only benefit other people? How can like this one?

What’s worse is that I may face jail or be unable to leave Singapore if I fail to make payment for the premiums. Apparently I can be fined $5000 or jailed 1 year or both under the law. And the government who collects the insurance premiums will have the power to automatically deduct the premium from my wages and bank accounts if I refuse to pay. Simi lanjiao!?

This is bloody communism! Forget about the CCP, the PAP is the true version of a blood sucking communist state! At least China doesn’t make any pretensions of being a democracy!

Boon Seng

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