The National Solidarity Party (NSP) made an announcement on its Facebook page yesterday to inform supporters about its decision to appoint Hazel Poa Koon Koon as acting Secretary-General of the party. This comes after the resignation of former secretary-general Tan Lam Siong, who left the party to pursue other interests.

According to the party’s president, Sebastian Teo, the party was in the midst of preparing for the General Elections and felt it better to delay the election of a new Secretary-General at a later time.

Hazel Poa joined the NSP with her husband, Tony Tan Lay Thiam, in 2011, where they ran for the Choa Chu Kang Group Representation Constituency but lost to the ruling People’s Action Party team there. Poa had attended Cambridge University on a Public Service Commission scholarship and completed her degree in Mathematics with first class honours. She met her husband, Tony Tan Lay Thiam, also a government scholar, at Cambridge. As former government scholars, Tan and Poa drew notable media attention during the election campaign.

In June 2011, Poa was elected as the Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party by the majority of the Central Executive Council following the resignation of Goh Meng Seng. She was the first woman to be elected as Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party and the second woman to occupy one of the highest positions in political parties in Singapore after Sylvia Lim of the Workers’ Party.

NSP’s full announcement:

Announcement from The 16th CEC of National Solidary Party:

In view of the need to focus on preparations for the next GE, the CEC felt this would not be an appropriate time to call for a Party Congress to elect a new Secretary-General (SG). Hence, the CEC has decided to appoint Hazel Poa Koon Koon as acting Secretary-General, to carry out the duties of the SG until such time a Party Congress is called by the CEC.

For and on behalf of the 16th CEC
Sebastian Teo
National Solidarity Party

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