A horrifying murder plot was uncovered this week (21 Jun) at Blk 747A of Pasir Ris St 71, multi-storey car park. The victim, a Burmese engineer, Ayw Maung Maung Thet, 28 years old, Singapore PR, was suddenly attacked by two assailants at the car park. He put up an all-out struggle and managed to escape from the attack to call the Police.

Upon receiving the report, officers from Bedok Police Division conducted the investigation immediately and managed to establish the identities of the assailants.

The next day at about 1pm, the Police arrested the mastermind, Burmese Aw Min Hlaing. He is a 37-year-old Singapore PR, working in the marine industry. Later at about 9.50 pm, two other Burmese suspects Yae Wynnt Oaung, 32, and Phyo Min Naing, 31, were also arrested by the Police at Aloha Changi.

During the arrest, meat mincer, electric saw, kitchen knives, LPG gas cylinder, gas cooker, cutters, trolley bags, cable ties, meat cleavers, aprons, cutting boards and boots were seized as case exhibits:

One of the accomplices, Win Kyaw Kyaw Aung @ Aung Aung, 29, is said to have left Singapore.

According to the Chinese media report, it is alleged that the mastermind and the victim have both fallen in love with the same woman. Out of jealously or envy, he hatched a heinous plot and enlisted three of his good friends from his home country to help him.

Four of them, all Burmese, are alleged to have plotted to abduct the victim with the intention to murder him and cut-up the dead body before cooking the pieces. They planned to abduct the victim from the car park and bring him to the chalet at Aloha Changi to kill him. They would then dispose the body by dismembering and cooking it at the chalet.

Fortunately, with the swift actions from the Police, a horrendous murder plot reminiscent of the sensational ‘Human flesh Char Siew Bao’ murder case that happened in Macau in 1985, was prevented.

In that horrifying 1985 episode, the accused Wong Chi Hang murdered the owner of Eight Immortals Restaurant in Macau, his eight other family members and an employee. Thereafter, the bodies were cut and made into ‘Char Siew Bao’, a type of Chinese bun with pork fillings marinated in sweet sauce.

Using PR status to vouch for his own character and conduct

It was also reported that the mastermind and one of his accomplices went to a vehicle rental company in Balestier to rent a light weight van for three days. Whilst handing over the keys of the van to them, the owner of the vehicle rental company specifically advised them to be careful in driving and not to do ‘anything silly’ with the van. Arrogantly, the mastermind retorted, “I am a Permanent Resident and I will not do anything silly.”

Indeed, it is mind-boggling to say the least, that such a heinous murder plot devoid of any humanity could be planned and executed in Singapore.

Has our society fallen so sick to incubate such unthinkable inhuman plot?

The most worrying is foreign ‘contract killers’ can seem to be easily hired to come to Singapore to kill someone before heading back home.

Why has Singapore deteriorated into this state?

What do you think?

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