Wish to share what happene din the MRT from Jurong East towards Marina South PIer this evening around 9PM.

There was an elderly Chinese man who sat down on the reserved seat at JE. A young Indian worker accidentally touched this Chinese guy’s arm while sitting down next to him. We all know how people usually rush to enter the train when they switch trains at JE.

When the Indian worker accidentally touched him, the Chinese man started scolding him with all kinds of vulgarities and yelling at him that he is a “Singapore man” and how could that guy push him. He behaved in a totally unacceptable manner, using vulgarities and threatened to bash the Indian worker and that he will send the worker back to India.

All this time the Indian worker was listening to everything and repetitively apologized to the older Chinese man.

Now tell me my fellow Singaporean friends, is this acceptable?

Sarawathi Subramaniam

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