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I have a confession to make, I have live for more than 5 and a half decade here, by birth and by education. I have gone through the days of where our country was still a swamped area. Our kampong days we have had was in a very bad conditions, till late LKY makes the impossible possible.

I have witnessed how Singapore had grew to a beautiful and recognized country, where nobody in this world will asked “Singapore? Where the hell is this place ” Today, every one in this world knows where Singapore is.

Late MM LKY was no GOD, he is just a normal person with great foresight. I remembered him as person whom admitted his mistakes, e.g the one child policy and the second language policy. But today, I have not heard a single word from our present leaders the same thing. Every time, when I see FT flooding to our country, taking our jobs, bullying us, I can’t help myself by asking, “What will Late MM LKY would have done, to solve this situation?”

But the answer that I gave to myself is always ended with tears. Even while writing this, I am tearing. I missed him badly.

I know some readers may disagree with me or even call me by some names but is okay, this is the way I am feeling. It doesn’t matter that I have people who call me names or describe me as a pro-pap.

I am pro only to late MM LKY, but I do have complains about the present ones. The New Generation had make me feel like an orphan (including my children ) deserted by our “parents “.

Anne Phang

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