I was on the train to work yesterday when something horrible happened to me.

I was taking the purple line to work and it’s often crowded until it reaches dhoby ghaut where majority of the people alight at. This man in the picture was standing next to me throughout the entire trip towards outram park. At dhoby ghaut, many people got off and it just so happened a girl behind me got off her seat and I proceeded to sit down (it’s not a priority seat).

What shocked me was that the man actually whacked my head really hard as he walked past me to sit on 2 seats away from me. Feeling appalled by the sudden pain,
I glared at him with a shocked look. He then looked me in the eye fiercely and then mumbled ‘sorry accidentally’ in hokkien.

Doubting it was an accident, I gave him a disgruntled look. He then suddenly raised his hand up and threatened me aggressively: ‘YOU WANT TO GET SLAPPED AGAIN?’. I was so angry I immediately snapped his picture and told him ‘You are going to regret this’ and I bulldozed my way through the crowd away from him.

I later figured out that he wanted to ‘teach me a lesson’ for not offering him the seat nearer to him, and made him walk to a further seat. He continued to gloat and even performed some slapping action as I glared at him from afar.

I was so tempted to call the police but I kept my cool. However, I feel that this should be shared to shed light on the elderly who think they deserve each and every seat in the mrt.

They have become more demanding than ever since the launch of the priority seats. How can anyone resort to violence just for a seat? I have always given up my seats to the needy/elderly and honestly this incident made me really sour. I don’t know how anyone would react in this situation but I felt that if he were to do this to someone nastier than me, he would probably get his desserts (I hope so). I really feel he deserves to be shamed and people ought to avoid him in the future.

Thanks for reading this and if you happen to be his relative, please inform him that if I see him in the mrt in the future, I will sit on him.

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