Dear Editors,

I was so ashamed when I see Taiwanese protesting in support of Amos Yee. It breaks my heart that many Singaporeans still holds a grudge against him and wants to see him jailed for exercising his Freedom of Speech.

He, a 16 year old boy has been through more than 40 days of remand in prison. Is this how a First World Singapore treats our children? Even Taiwan has more compassion and democracy than Singapore.

I hope that places with real Democracy like Taiwan where people can protest freely will offer Amos Yee safe passage and grant him citizenship so that he will not have to suffer anymore such ridiculous indignation and persecution in Singapore.

Amos Yee is a talented boy and Singapore is not a place for him. He needs a place where he has the freedom to grow, express himself and stretch himself to the limits. Shame on you Singapore, even Taiwan is a much better place than you are.

Such a shameful day to be Singaporean, where Singaporeans turn their back on their own and Foreigners need to teach us what it means to be human.

William Lim

A.S.S. Contributor

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