For half a month, I worked at 3 different part time jobs, but had to quit because my employers were trying to cheat me of my rightfully earned CPF contributions.

What I don’t understand is why they would want to sour relations with us employees over what they say is “a small sum of money”.

Thinking that we would not check our CPF accounts, these employers would try to save by not making any CPF contributions to their employees. When confronted, they would give a sour look and say, “It’s only a small sum!”, which makes us employees angrier because of their nonchalant attitude towards us.

I suspect that one of my former companies, which hires cleaners, had been trying to find loopholes in the legal system. When I first took a job there, I saw a few local part time cleaners being fired because the company says they do not need so many part time cleaners. Yet the hiring of full time foreign cleaners did not stop.

I was curious, but I could not understand what the company was doing. A short while later, I saw that they started hiring a small number of local part time cleaners again. It was not until I read a recent news report about companies trying to hire local part timers to meet a government quota for locals to foreigner staff that I realized what the company was doing.

I wonder which agency should I report such matters to?

Qiu Huilan

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