Dear A.S.S.,

I was queuing up in the Hans cafe at Holland today with colleagues.

As the cafe was very crowded, and we saw this lady sitting alone at a table of 6, we asked her politely if she would mind sharing a table with us.

She told us that the seats at her table were taken, so we said it was ok and moved off.

But I was very suspicious of her because she didn’t look like she came to lunch with anybody. She had been sitting at the table for a while and had already started eating her food. So we waited, and then we realized that for the next few minutes no one came over to sit at her table and no one even spoke a word to her!

Obviously she’s just being a selfish, inconsiderate person who doesn’t want to share tables with strangers. Although I understand it is uncomfortable to eat with others you don’t know, but it doesn’t mean that you can hog a 6 seat table during the lunch time crowd! Everyone around her was just waiting and staring before she finally left and other people could take her place.

So inconsiderate!

Angry Singaporean

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