By Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

A 47-year old Singaporean man who breached the Tuas Checkpoint was arrested by police on Tuesday (23 June). His BMW 7-series vehicle was initially directed by immigration officers for further inspection at the checkpoint but he drove off instead. He was apprehended along Pioneer road North 2-hours later.

It was believed that the man misunderstood the hand gestures of the immigration officers who suspected the luxury vehicle had under-declared the food products it was carrying. The vehicle was later found to carry 130 boxes of curry puffs and kuehs.

Singaporean public are inspired by this incident.

Secondary 1 student Xiao Peng You, the top PSLE student last year has decided to drop out of Raffles Institution to pursue a career in curry puff making.

“My father sells chicken rice, he drives Mercedes,” Xiao beamed proudly, “I want to make my father proud by becoming curry pok seller and drive BMW. Study in RI for what?”

His mother Madam You Wen Ti agreed. “You know Malaysian durian sellers own private airplanes? Heng Swee Keat say studies and degrees not important. PAP Ministers are never wrong so we must listen.”

“I don’t want my son to become a general in the SAF”, Madam You added “they retire early, go into politics and get cursed every day. At least some Singaporeans will like my son in the future”.

The press secretary for Education Minister cannot be reached for comments.

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