Netizens have been up in arms protesting in the wake of a recent dog and lychee eating festival in Yulin, a town located in Guangxi in south west China.

They have accused the PRCs in Yulin of cruelty, and are responding with a large plethora of petitions, boycotts and viral images showing dogs caged and slaughtered brutally for their meat, which is considered a delicacy in Yulin.

However, some netizens have questioned the double standards applied to dogs versus all other farm bred animals which are consumed by meat eaters. Some say that even vegetarians who consume diary products are not exempt from hypocrisy when condemn the Yulin dog festival, because keeping an animal alive solely for their milk before killing them when they have “served their purpose” does not seem very humane either.

Even local celebrities have weighed in on the debate, with popular DJ Rosalyn Lee giving her frank views on the morality of the Yulin festival in a recent Facebook post.

“Many of you have written to me asking for my support in spreading the word about stopping the Yulin Festival. i was hesitant for the longest time, for fear of being a hypocrite,” She wrote.

“First and foremost, i am a meat eater. i love my ribs, steaks, char siew. and ill always try to buy from responsible farm sources who slaughter their animals in the most “humane” way possible – but then again, what is “humane” when we’re gonna fuckin kill the animal for food anyway?”

Comparing the slaughter of farm animals to dogs, she concluded that “Its no different with dogs. I’ll admit, seeing pictures of our furry friends crammed in cages makes me sick. but why do i feel more grossed out at the sight of these poor dogs than i would a cage of crammed chickens or pigs? Perhaps as the article suggests: dog = friend, farm animals = food? Does that make slaughtering ok? Tough question but my stance is, as a meat eater: as long as we dont waste food, i say why the hell not?”

Rosalyn also shared that she had recently gotten her family a dog and feels disturbed by the thought of her pet being captured and slaughtered. However, she admits that “I’ll feel nothing if a lil’ piggy met with that fate. As you can see, I’m still struggling with the moral dilemma of this. But til I sort it out, I will not be slamming the Yulin Festival. As the saying goes: “whats normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.””

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