61 year-old Zeng Guo Yuan is a familiar political face to Singaporeans. But despite being dressed in his iconic white robes, Zeng, who recently underwent surgery to remove his nose because of cancer, is a former shadow of himself.

Now gaunt and less energetic than he used to be, he was spotted by curious passersby recently selling tissues near the popular Guan Yin Temple in Bugis.

When reporters approached him, Zeng had 10 packets of tissue displayed on a make-shift table in front of his wheelchair. The wound from his nose operation has yet to fully heal. He also revealed that he is suffering from bone and intestinal colorectal cancer, and that doctors had given him only 6 months to live.

In spite of his plight, some people are still skeptical about Zeng Guo Yuan’s condition. A netizen was suspicious about Zeng’s condition, noting that Zeng was selling tissues on a wheelchair but would stand up push his wheel chair to his motorized scooter and pack up at the end of the day.

However, Zeng defended himself and says that he is too weak to walk around and stand for hours, hence he relies on a wheelchair to move. He claims that he lives, eats and sleeps on his scooter as he sold his house on 1st May to pay his debts.

When asked about his family, he sighed and told reporters “not to talk about his family” anymore.

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