16 year-old Aloysius from Damai Secondary School committed suicide 3 nights ago in his family flat at Block 602, Bedok Reservoir Road, where he was discovered hanging from the ceiling by his distraught parents. Friends and relatives have all expressed shock at his suicide, with many wondering what drove him to desperation.

Yet some classmates and friends of Aloysius have been blaming themselves for not spotting the tell tale signs of Aloysius’ plans for suicide.

According to a friend of Aloysius, the 16 year-old was not popular in school, although he had many friends outside of school. This is why Aloysius hated school and posted often on his twitter account about his feelings of loneliness in school.

Another unnamed friend of Aloysius said that since February this year, Aloysius had started showing signs of depression, which may have contributed to Aloysius’ decision to end his life.

“His (Aloysius’) tweets were extreme and he complained about his loneliness in school. He said that he felt alone and helpless, and asked his friends whether they could give them some of their happiness. He even said that there is nothing that he could be happy about in life.”

His tweets became more desperate by March and April, as he began openly posting about his thoughts of suicide and searched for ways to kill himself online.

After 28th May, Aloysius suddenly stopped posting updates on his twitter.

However, on the night just before he committed suicide, he posted a cryptic message hinting that he would act on his plan soon: “My night is near”

Aloysius hanged himself the night after, the same date as his birthday.

See previous report on Aloysius: http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/damai-secondary-4-student-hangs-himself-flat-family-distraught

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