Hi Editors of AllSingaporeStuff,

So I was seeking for deed poll services, and contacted Vexus Law, as it was recommended for providing affordable and customized services, only to be ridiculed by the Director of the firm, Mr Ben-Jie Lee for asking “stupid” questions and dismissed for being a “$50 person”. I wanted this to raise awareness of this incident but he has since deleted my post at Vexus Law FB page.

Am I wrong to feel that l that regardless of the type of service, the amount that I am paying, I should be treated with respect, like any other potential client?
Hence, I am hoping that by reposting it, people around who are seeking for legal help, to be aware of the kind of “professionals” we are actually spending on ($50 or not).

Attached are screen shots of our conversation, and his updated replies (which he has deleted).

Kathryn Teo
A.S.S. Contributor

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