Former NTUC president and Member of Parliament Phey Yew Kok was charged today for offences that he committed more than 3 decades ago.

He had been charged with 4 counts of criminal breach of trust amounting to $83,000 in December 1979, but had jumped bail and fled Singapore in 1980 to escape his charges. At the time, he also faced 2 charges under the Trade Unions Act for investing $18,000 of trade union money in a private supermarket without the approval of the minister.

Phey turned himself in to the Singapore Embassy in Thailand, and was escorted back to Singapore on Tuesday. When he returned to court, all 6 charges were re-read to the now 81-year-old Phey.

Prosecution has applied for Phey to be remanded at Changi Prison for investigations as they will push more charges against him. Phey’s pre-trial conference is scheduled for 23rd July.

Speaking to the media, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said: “Phey Yew Kok was facing charges of Criminal Breach of Trust when he absconded while on bail in 1980. He has now turned himself in and returned to Singapore. He has been charged in court, and the law will have to take its course. This will bring closure to a long outstanding case involving a person who was holding public office as an MP and a senior union leader.”

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