UN Human Rights organizations speaking out in defence of a mischievous and irresponsible kid? How dumb. They should be closed. They are a disgrace to humanity. They are propagating Western values of unfettered freedom and irresponsible rights. Countries should be careful with these useless organizations. If you listen to them, your problem with get worse and they will blame you for that.


UN Human Rights organizations advocate unrestricted freedom of movement of people between countries.

When the flesh trade flourishes in your country, the same organizations will accuse you of aiding human trafficking.

AIDS/HIV infected people are free to travel around the world without restrictions. When they cause an explosion of AIDS/HIV cases, the authority of the country they travel to will be accused of not doing a good job of controlling the disease.

These damn organizations will cry foul when you hang drug traffickers. But if you don’t and your country becomes a transit point for drugs, they will turn around and accuse you of aiding drugs trafficking.

SG should not waver in response to their statements. You know how mischievous and irresponsible kids in the West are nowadays? They have no respect for their elders, no respect for authority. They converse with profanities and vulgarities, they indulge in porns, alcohol, drugs, sex and all sorts of vices. We don’t want our kids to end up like theirs.

What humanity really needs are UN organizations which promote “Human Rights with Responsibilities”.


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