I am not interested in hateful or racist explanations. To me this is obviously a social and cultural issue, and not about Chinese or Asian people as a race.

I have noticed several news articles popping up recently about poor behaviour of Chinese tourists, such as this one about tourists at a Thai temple, and videos like this one about queuing.

I work as a part time cashier and I’ve also noticed that Chinese people who are** new** to the country treat me and and my coworkers rudely. They ignore greetings and questions, grunt at you rather than speaking, throw money at you rather than handing it to you, and are generally argumentative and unfriendly. I understand not speaking English, but it seems people from other cultures are able to communicate this and still be able to have a polite and pleasant exchange.

Where is this coming from? I have heard people say that these tourists are poor and from villages, but then how are they able to afford international travel? Is this how people behave while they are in China?

I would have thought a collectivist culture which also places a lot of value on saving face and how one is perceived wouldn’t be tolerant of unsocial behaviour? Is it a reflection of how China feels about the rest of the world? Has it always been this way or is this new?

It just runs so contrary to what I would expect from Chinese culture. I’ve also heard that the government is trying to do something about it. How has this come about and what solutions are there?

Is there a culturally sensitive way I should be responding, or should I just grin and bear it? I’m sure there are many factors responsible but this is an area I just don’t know much about and I’d really like to understand.


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