My son is with Raffles Early Learning Centre (Telok Blangah) since April 2015. When he first started school, within the first week he had bump his head with a big baluku. I know all kids fell but the school didn’t contact me and let me know till I pick him up then the teacher told me that he had fell during lesson. Soon after, he was sick for 3 weeks and didn’t return to school till early May.

When he started school again, he often came home with lots of bruises on his leg and there was once he even came home with a cut in his penis! I was very disturbed with what had happened and started asking my son if someone in the school had beaten him and I start naming the teacher to him. He said no to all the teachers except one of them where he kept quiet and he even hide under the blanket.

I sense that something is not right and that’s why I decided to make an appointment to meet the owner (James) who I thought was the principal. During the meeting when I have share with him what had happened, he was very defensive and insisted that such things will not happen as the teachers are all professionally trained. I told him I didn’t come here to argue with him but to let him know what had happened and if he can investigate as I don’t think that a 21month kid will lie! The meeting didn’t end with a good note but he promised to look into it and get back to me.

After the meeting, my son didn’t come home with any bruises for almost 3 weeks and that’s why I just wanted to move on from there despite there is no follow up from the school.

However, I received a call from school yesterday (22nd June at 11.34am) that my son has fell and knocked his head with deep cut and they are trying to stop wounds from bleeding. I then rushed to school and bring him to his regular PD and get the wounded glued it back while he is crying and screaming in pain. I felt so sad that I allow my son to stay in the school despite signs that he had been mishandled!

I have stopped him from going to school and will be withdrawing him from school. I hope all parents with young children will take my experience as a learning lesson. A school should be a safe and fun place to be in and he definitely don’t deserve all these.

Attached are the pictures from some of the injuries that he had received from school. I hope you can share this to create more awareness and encourage a safer schooling environment for all kids.

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