Japanese horror films in recent years have been on a downhill trajectory, with many critics harking back to cult classics such as The Ring and The Grudge as the "Gold Standard" of Japanese horror movies.

Despite their critics, who criticized the films for their bad acting and cheesy dialogue, The Ring and The Grudge have been enshrined in the Japanese horror movie canon because scenes from these movies have become almost impossible to erase from the memories of movie goers. For those in the know, scenes of Sadako crawling out of the TV set from the Ring and the hand-in-shower spook from The Grudge immediately come to mind.

Director Masayuki Ochiai hopes to achieve this effect for fans with one more go at the tired Grudge franchise, and for now, his efforts seem to be paying off.

One of the latest trailers for The Grudge : Final has received over 100 complaint letters from Japanese TV viewers, which forced TV stations to remove the commercial and replace it with something more tame.

Do you have what it takes to watch the original trailer? Click on the YouTube link to find out!

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