For reasons unknown, a 16 year-old secondary 4 student from Damai Secondary School commited suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling of his own room. He was discovered by his parents, who had knocked on the door of his room several times before realizing something was amiss.

According to neighbors of the family, the suicide took place last night. They had reported hearing anxious knocking on a door for several minutes before hearing loud wails from the mother. Concerned neighbors who had gone up to the family to ask what was wrong were informed by the father of the boy that his son had hung himself.

The secondary 4 student was described as a distant boy by neighbors. They said that the family had 3 children, a daughter who studies at a local polytechnic, and a younger boy aged 9. When probed further, neighbors recalled that the deceased was more reticent because he would hardly greet others when he met them as compared to his older sister and younger brother.

The parents and the sister of the deceased boy were in the mortuary today to identify the boy’s remains. The mother of the boy was emotional and refused any requests for comments while her daughter placed her hand on her mother’s shoulder to comfort her.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the case as “unnatural death”.

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