Dear Editors of A.S.S.

I saw the news on increasing incidences of rats infestation in many HDB estates and it even mentioned that residents have to do their part. While I agree that residents should not feed cats and pigeons so else the leftover food can lead to infestation of rats and cockroaches, I believe the dropping standards in estate maintenance is also one major contributing factor. While service and conservancy paid by residents keep increasing, it is surprising that EM Services which is the managing agent for many PAP-controlled HDB estates can lower its charges per residential unit in the last few years in the face of rising costs like manpower, etc.

I believe residents do not touch the rubbish chute covers so the spoilt rubbish chute covers cannot be blamed on residents. My neighbour said he had complained to the town council many times over many weeks as he lives on the ground floor, meaning his back door is just beside the rubbish chute. His many complaints over many weeks had fallen on deaf ears, this old man is very angry so he request i help him post online as he does not know how to do it. Besides taking photo of the one he told me about, i just take a casual walk around and saw at least two others. Even spoilt rubbish chute covers are left unattended, so who should take the blame for infestation of rodents and roaches? (3 photos attached.)

The washing of the block takes place once a month. But it seems like there is no sweeping of corridors and staircases during the one month between one washing and the next. so the staircases are allowed to become very dirty with very much litter for one month. (2 photos attached.)

To Mr Lawrence Wong, high profile events like SEA Games will not win you support during general election if ground issues (like these shown in the 5 photos) are mishandled.

From: Angry resident of Boon Lay

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