Dear ASS, Please help us share this article, we need an explanation from Scoot. Scoot Flight Delayed over 22hours, Scoot stewardess Says we should have taken SQ instead if we want better services!

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Dear ASS and fellow mates that missed the scoot flight earlier on 20th June,

After a long 24hours of waiting at the airport due to “technical difficulties” by Airline scoot, I happen to chance upon the most irresponsible comment made by one of their Air stewardess!

Scoot Air stewardess commented that Singaporeans only know how to complain, she says that the navigation system had problem, YOU COME OPERATE THE PLANE LA.
I’m sorry, what else can we do besides complaining? We all have plans for the day and there we are, sitting aimlessly at the airport. I’m going to Perth solely to attend my daughter’s Concert and now I’ve completely missed it. My schedule it tight, my trip is only 3days, and I squeezed every single minute to make this trip happen. Do you think it is abnormal for me to be unhappy about it?

The flight was delayed 6times, we had false hope for 6times. Won’t anyone be annoyed? And yet you give the most irresponsible comment ever.

“It’s a budget plane leh. Air ticket so cheap already still want compensation? Take SQ plane lor!” – Felicia Camille Toh

Scoot gave reasons like Plane tires were worn out. Felicia Toh, you think budget airline don’t need basic standard? You think cheaper means we’ve to wait longer and expect delays to occur? Navigation problems so is not the airlines fault?
Customers still pay for their flight, we still expect the service that were initially promised to us.

Felicia says cheap so don’t need compensation? If you’re selling $1 bread and customers got food poisoning from your $1 bread, you gonna compensate them 50cents because the price of the bread is already so cheap?

Eg. If you’re working at Pizza Hut, equipment breaks down
Customer: Why is our pizza taking so long?
Customer: But we waited for An hour already
Felicia: EH you want to eat Cold pizza or you want to wait 1hour? Stop complaining!

This is what you’re implying? How did you get into scoot airline? You have no basic customer service and EQ. Your looks are off too. You must be new in the working force.

Scoot, we demand full explanation from your fellow crewmate. This is the worst post that can come from a Scoot crew after so much disappointment earlier on. Totally irresponsible words!!

A.S.S. Contributor

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