A SEA Games supporter who was among the hundreds locked out of the National Stadium last week on Tuesday during the closing ceremony of the Games has posted on Facebook to give her compliments to the SEA Games organizers, who are giving out refunds, a supporters’ medal and a goodie bag to those affected.

According to Facebook user Clarice Teo, the man who delivered her refund and other goodies was none other than Mr Toh Boon Yi, Chief of Strategic Development & Marketing of Sport Singapore. She praised Mr Toh for going the extra mile by apologizing and personally delivering the refunds to fans.

Clarice Teo’s full statement:

“So after the SEA games closing ceremony issue, I wrote in amicably for a refund and the fun pack on Tuesday. Within hours, I received a call with endless apologies, procedure of the refund, and a follow up email.
Today, I received a text from a gentleman by the name of Boon Yi, informing me that he will deliver the refund and the fun packs. When we met, Boon Yi was perspiring but still smiling widely. He again apologized for the inconvenience and asked for a recount of my experience. He then explained the situation, accepting full responsibility of the inconvenience and how they will work to improve for future events.

As someone who has organized events for 300 people, I experienced my share of difficulties and I can imagine the level of complication a 45,000 crowd-strong ceremony entails.
Boon Yi handed me the refund and the fun packs and asked if he could take a photo. I asked if he was going to post this on social media, but he reassured he will not. I kindly obliged and started striking a pose with my medallion.

I got home and the inquisitive side of me had me googling his name…Little did I realize, this gentleman Boon Yi that I was speaking to like a friend, drama posing with my props is Mr Toh Boon Yi, Chief of Strategic Development & Marketing of Sport Singapore.

Mr Toh, looking tired and perspiring from all the delivering, and still had to listen to me a good 5-10 minutes. Seriously?! Talk about service with a smile.

Yes, you can say how this was their blunder and and it’s only right they do it, but the Chiefs doing this personally? What’s the possibility of this happening in other organizations or even countries?

Today, I experienced first hand, true servant leadership and how glad am I to know we still have leaders like this who exist smile emoticon

So, Thank You Mr Toh and Team, for converting my first SEA games experience frown to a smile!

Clarice Teo”

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