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I would like to report about some shops at Peninsular Plaza that made big bucks during the Sea Games by selling tickets at black market. They clearly violated the Singapore Law. Their commercial exploitation of fellow nationals at a Sporting event is a sore eye to all of us Burmese people. I would like to request Singapore media to pick up on the story and make it known to the authority about errant shop owners. Please let me know if I could send the details news.
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Hi Sir
A Peninsular Plaza ticket tout made S$25k in one day during The Sea Games!
There’s a public outcry within Myanmar community in Singapore with a shop named ‘Doe Myanmar’ from Peninsular Plaza for it bulk purchased and resold men football final match tickets to Myanmar fans double the original price.
According to a news report, the owner of the shop bought 2050 tickets for the match between Myanmar and Thailand and sold to the fans at S$ 25 per ticket. Police intervened and took statement from the shopkeepers as overcrowding at Peninsular Plaza level 4 on June 14 was tipped off by a fan who was dissatisfied with the shop’s underhanded tactics and creating black market.
Far too many fans were left stranded outside the stadium without tickets on the match day. After the news report about ticket touting surfaced, there was a public furor among Myanmar community with many furious fans condemned the shop and some even calling for boycott campaign against ‘Doe Myanmar’.
‘I bought 2050 tickets at 20 dollars from the Sea Games Organizing Committee and 1 dollar booking fees so it costs me 21 bucks. I sold them back at 25 dollars. I did inform each and every customer beforehand that all profit would go to the Myanmar football team. Total profit is S$ 8200 and I added in S$300 from my own pocket and donated S$ 8500 to Myanmar U 23 football team. Even though the regulations stated tickets bought cannot be resold, why did they sell me this amount of tickets in the first place?’ said Paing, the owner of the shop according to the news report.
His blatant lie to the media caused even more anger among Myanmar people as tickets were sold at S$13 if purchased 50 tickets and above. 
I will come back with more information if you want.
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