In Amos Yee’s latest updates about his life in prison on his Facebook, he wrote about being placed in a special “monitored” cell and how 2 other inmates were transferred to his cell because there must always be 3 prisoners to 1 cell.

A post on his Facebook page at 7.06PM yesterday wrote: “Now for some reasons that the police don’t want to reveal, I am put in what is known as a ‘special cell’. And in this ‘special cell’ there is that little ball-like CCTV you usually find in HDBs. The police will be able to observe all the actions and the movements of my cellmates and me, all day long. They’ll be watching you when you’re sleeping, taking a shit, you can’t even masturbate in private (which I still do in the cell by the way).”

Shockingly, Amos’s Facebook posts also revealed that his cell mates were unhappy that they had to be transferred to his cell because it was monitored. One of the unhappy cell mates had even threatened to punch him in the face!

“You need at least 3 people living in your cell, at all times. So when I was put into a special cell, 2 people from the normal cells had to come down. They don’t like it because now they aren’t able to exercise or paste pictures on their walls, because the camera above would catch them. My cellmates are extremely angry that they had to be transferred from the normal cell to this special cell because of me, one even threatened to punch me in the face.”

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