So angry my hands are shaking!!!!

This driver almost knocked a pregnant lady at the carpark exit at i12!

And driver paddled down again because the lady stood there in shock! (No no, she wasn’t using the phone; she was crossing the lane like many of us walking from marine parade did)

Bloody passenger still give me middle finger (BOTH HANDS) when I walked up towards the pregger . While nearing the car, I hand gestured to the driver to give way to pedestrian. When car turned left, ill-bred passenger flicked at me, twice!!!

Gosh these young rich brats!! The self-entitlement mentality is clear here: everyone have to give way to them!! Even if they are operating a machine capable of killing people.

Both female about very early 20s. Driver: long hair, wore dark spectacles. Passenger: long hair right parting long fringe, big eyes, smaller sized than driver.

To these under-developed chicks: you suck, shame on you!!!!!

Ps: thank you to those who shared. If anyone knows these girls, please tell them to get off their high horses and respect life!!!

Susan Tan

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