Editor’s Note: This post was shared to us by a concerned netizen from Singapore Community Cats Facebook. If you are the original person who wrote this and have concerns about this posting, kindly PM us to discuss.

With regards to the poisoning of the cats at Pasir Ris Park, I want to make it known that we have been trying our damnedest.

We are mere park goers that happened to chance upon these furiends of ours over a year ago and have been visiting and feeding them almost daily every night.

When I say feed, I mean that we spend 2-3 hours with them every single night that we are there. We are not from any society. We are individuals that happened to have a common interest at a common place. We feed at different areas of the park but because there is barely anyone in the park past midnight, we eventually dropped over each other’s place to say hi and cover for each other when we travel.

Last Sunday was the start of an extremely horrific week. It began with 3 members of The Supper Club not turning up for their daily feed. It was extremely unusual because these four-legged creatures are loyal members who are always there, rain or shine.

After asking around, we found out from cleaners that a body was found that morning by caring members of the public and had been properly sent off. A night or 2 later, at least 8 more went missing and 3 bodies were found by the cleaners of the park the next morning and immediately disposed off. According to the foreign workers, these bodies were all in a completely intact state and still fresh.

We started getting frantic. There have been cases of dogs attacking our loved cats there. We have lost some, we have treated some. But this was just too many and none of them looked like they had been mauled.
We met up that Wednesday afternoon and spent the entire night looking for bodies and trying to trap the remaining cats to be brought home for safety measures. We love them too dearly to leave them there. There were no shelters that we could turn to for help and none of the societies or authorities we turned to offered much assistance.

We are not professional trappers. We did not have the equipments nor cages to store them in. Their main feeder actually went all out to buy cages and litter trays that very day itself. It was costly but we didn’t have the heart to abandon them just like that knowing that they are in danger.

Whilst trying to trap the 8 remaining cats, a bunch of fishermen approached us and told us that there was a body by the beach on the sand. We sped over only to be greeted by the high tide. There was no more sand to be seen. We were too late. We were severely disappointed because CWS told us that a body was needed to confirm the poisoning. We really needed the evidence to make our situation known.

The rest of the night was spent catching 6 of the cats. 2 got away. One of them is naturally very scared of every single thing on earth – including us, so we didn’t have much hope for him. We left at 4am, mentally and physically drained.

The next afternoon, we got a call informing us of a white cat washed up on shore. It was Cloud9 – the dearie we were looking for. We rushed down and upon seeing his trademark huge, gigantic white body, I broke down. He was an adorable giant and it was all just so unfair. What did they do to deserve this?? We spent that night trying to catch the other female, Angel, that was just too stubborn for her own good. She got away again.

Last night, after numerous calls to here and there over the past few days, we thought the perpetrator was gonna lay low for a while. The other feeders dropped by my area to chit chat for a while before I had to make a move. Just as I was going for some family time, I got a frantic call by the feeder saying that Angel was having seizures and foaming in the mouth in the bush.
Calls were made all over again and yet again, there was nothing that they could do except to drag her out and then put her to sleep.

CWS told us that there was a chance of her surviving if we can get her to a vet in time. In that state of panic, it was our only driving force. They managed to get her out and to the vet. As per the vet, her livers are in a very bad shape but she is still holding on.

Another body was found just a few hours ago in the drain but there were maggots all over it and decomposing beyond recognition so clearly, this baby has been lying there for days. It is a known fact that cats hide to die. Even if they don’t, that is their home when humans roam the park in the day.
A very long story but I hope you understand the frustration and worry and exhaustion that we are in right now. Apart from the welfare of the cats, the finance is also taking a toll on us.

These are park cats. They are not condo cats that pee or poop at your front door. We understand why residents get frustrated and call for these creatures to be removed but this is the park. The freaking park. They hide in the day and only come out at night for some play time and food.

I am not pointing fingers at the tentage that has been set up for the event that is happening this weekend of the building that these cats hide in from the wild dogs of the park. I am not. It may just be a coincidence, or not. We will never know because let’s face it, nobody is gonna come forward and admit that they called for the culling of these cats.

Thse cats have been living in the park for years. Cloud9 lived by the sea and died with the sea. I don’t know how whoever did this, or even called for this, sleeps at night with blood and fur on his hands. We are nobodies, we get that. But I am doing all that I can to be the voice of these furiends of ours that have done wrong to nobody.

These four-legged members of The Supper Club do not deserve this. Angel, our darling fighter does not deserve this. She is the one and only cat that we managed to get to in time and seeing how she fought for her life last night, we vow to do everything that we can for her. We will fight with her. But we need you to help fight with us too.

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