Hi everyone,

I sat besides a teenager boy with running nose. I wanted to offer him some tissues but too bad my tissues like left last 1 piece. Too paisei to offer.

Today I have sore throat liao. Tomorrow have to wear mask go out

Hopefully those with cough/flu pls be responsible and wear a mask or just rest at home pls!

Those with chicken pox or recovering from pox, pls also stay at home instead of going out n spread to those that haven’t get chicken pox. Pls dont have the mind set that u are doing public service (yea someone told me this!) by spreading and building people immune system up. There are pregnant ladies, sick and elderly too.

We still have a long way to go as a society if we can’t do something simple like this manz. Go polyclinic also. got cough and flu dont bother to wear mask. If MERS spreads here, I think confirm many people will catch it and die one because of these irresponsible people. Maybe we need a law from the government to fine people for spreading diseases.

Health Conscious Singaporean

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