Dear A.S.S.,

I saw this online ad about a placement for North Eastern and North Indian nurses for a new nursing home here.

In the first place, this is blatant discrimination against Singaporeans. Aren’t employers supposed to go through the government jobs portal to hire Singaporeans first? Singapore has not enough qualified nurses for you that you have to import from India? It’s bad enough that Singaporean nurses are underpaid and unappreciated, now these unethical foreign hiring companies want to import more foreign nurses to push down our wages?

I haven’t even gotten to how discriminatory and offensive this advertisement is. Many of our local Indians are of Southern Tamil stock. Many of our parents came from South India in the early years of Singapore and helped to build this country. Now these foreign Indian companies want to import “North Indians” only? Do they want to re-implement the caste system!?

Think about this: Why must they only ask for North Indians? If you need Indian staff because you feel more comfortable with us, then by all means just ask for “Indian nurses”. By stating “North Eastern” and “North Indian” nurses only, they are obviously looking down on South Tamil Indians because of our skin tone and our heritage!

MOM, please look into this company. It is disgusting and illegal for us to allow such companies to work here. It took us many years to build a peaceful and harmonious society free of racial and caste based discrimination, please don’t let us go back into the dark ages.


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