Dear Ikea..

I have always supported your company by buying your products. I was looking forward in shopping at your outlet. So I was drawn to your advertisement. But I’m deeply affected by your potrayal of the family in the ads.

Did your people do research before coming up with the ad?

Muslim man are forbidden to wear gold. The father n son are laden with gold. Its disrespectful to Muslims. It is also a misrepresentation of why we celebrate Ramadhan n Syawal. It is not about spending money changing to new household products or showing off your wealth in this case by the blatant display of jewellery. We are encourage not to spend lavishly and to dress more appropriately. No woman go visiting in baju kurung n sneakers! Urban Malay Muslims are not as potrayed by the advertisement.

Im sorry but i have to comment. Others may not feel as I do but I consider this a serious matter. You may not remove the ad but i hope you can make the effort to come up with a more sensitive intelligent and creative advertisement. This ad is poorly done. Thanks.

Hamidah Srikandi Melayu

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