After weeks of silence, Amos Yee re-emerged on Facebook with a series of seemingly unbelievable posts. At a time when he is supposed to still be in prison, he managed to make four FB posts since yesterday just to "fuck with the Government". He told supporters that he went to jail for the sins of all Singaporeans and now pits himself against all of history’s great ‘Martyrs’ such as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Jesus.

Check out his epic facebook posts below:

"How is it that I am in prison, yet I am still able to post something on Facebook? Well… If you want to fuck with the Government, fuck with them all the way."

"I am now literally in prison, simply because I insisted on upholding my views. So now, I am able to pit myself against all of history’s great ‘Martyrs’: Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Jesus (not really). Now if anyone has any skepticism towards my intentions or their views towards me, just remember, I went to remand, for your sins."

"My mother was absolutely shocked that in my entire time in prison, I had never been exposed to sunshine. The closest thing I had to going outdoors was a daily (except for weekends), 1- hour activity called the outdoor ‘yard’ where inmates get to play basketball or sepak takraw. But we’re not doing it outdoors, but in a 5th floor enclosure similar to that of an indoor sports hall. And of course, there is no opening in the ceiling for cellmates to have direct contact with sunlight."

How did Amos gain internet access to make these facebook posts? Any geniuses have the answer? 🙂

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