35 year-old Singaporean businessman Chandru Vishindas is seeking damages from the National University Hospital (NUH) and a senior doctor for alleged negligence. This was after the hospital and the doctor allegedly mishandled his 35 year-old wife’s delivery, which has left her in a semi-vegetative state since.

Chandru claims that both the hospital and the doctor breached their duty of care to his wife, Pooja Baharani Gansham, and this led to her current condition and his son Ryan’s brain injuries and permanent disabilities.

According to Mr Vishindas, his son was supposed to have been delivered via emergency caesarean section instead of instrument-assisted delivery based on Madam Pooja’s medical condition and the baby’s distress.

However, doctors opted to use instrument-assisted delivery, where a vacuum device or forceps is used to help the baby out.

NUH has denied the claims, saying that the couple were advised on and consented to instrument-assisted delivery. They said that it was a faster means than emergency caesarean section. This course was taken as Madam Pooja’s condition has deteriorated during the induced birthing process.

Madam Pooja was admitted on 20th June 2012 at about 9AM for the induced birth, and Ryan was born 14 hours later. To date, 3 year-old Ryan continues to suffer from brain injuries which leave him with mixed spastic and dystonic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He requires constant medical assistance to stay alive.

Madam Pooja suffered massive bleeding after the delivery and was sent to the operating theatre for surgery. Her treatment by obstetric and anaesthetic teams included massive blood transfusions. She was warded for five months and has been looked after at home since by two nurses.

Mr Vishindas has spent over $800,000 to provide medical care for his wife and son since the delivery.

“We empathise with Mr Vishindas’ situation, but do not agree with the allegations of negligence and (have) filed (our) defence in the suit,” says the hospital. They added that they have offered support to the family.

A High Court pre-trial conference is scheduled later this month.

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