The PAP is sparing no expense to buy votes and win the next GE under the guise of celebrating S’pore’s jubilee year.

If S’poreans vote for them again because of this $500, it would be akin to taking the money and slapping themselves because this political model is just not sustainable.
The PAP’s hegemony built on political bullying and ruthless and methodical marginalization of political opposition and critics has both intimidated and alienated a significant segment of the population who would otherwise have joined politics and made valuable contributions to the growth of this country.

As one can see over the last 10 years, this is not healthy as S’pore reaches a plateau in terms of economic and social development based on a paradigm that revolves around boosting GDP by importing cheap labour and keeping a docile population attuned to and quietly and unquestioningly following the dictates of the ruling Party.

In fact, under Lee Hsien Loong the future looks bleak as he continues to draw on his military fraternity to fill up ministerial posts. How many of these ex-generals have impressed you or performed up to the standard one expects of anyone who draws more than a million dollar in salary?

Is this the kind of environment you want your children to grow up in?

Let’s think about it.


Is your children’s future worth only $500 which in effect represents a drop in the ocean considering the billions that this Government collects in the form of various taxes from ERP to COEs to Stamp Duties?

The Alternative View

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